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Continuing Education Courses

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The education courses listed on this page are designed to enhance the academic, restorative and surgical skills of the dental implant specialist. The combination of distinguished faculty of mentors, well organized didactic presentations, hands-on experiences and limited class size all add up to a superb opportunity to hone and expand ones knowledge base. Workshops/courses in Small Diameter Implant Surgery & Restoration, Full Arch Dental Implant Restorations, L-PRF Technique & Applications and various other seminars and educational opportunities are posted here.

April 2018


Speakers Bureau

Annual Meeting

SEPA 2018: L-PRF Lunch & Learn

Days Left

Until Event


CALL (+34) 911 610 143 TO REGISTER

Location: Sevelilla, Spain

Date: April 13, 2018



L-PRF: An alternative for optimum healing of soft and hard tissues


The presentation will show the scientific data that support the clinical advantages and a guide for the various applications with the step-by-step procedures.


Dr. Marc Quirynen will be presenting

with Dr. Juan Blanco a lunch-and-learn

lecture on April 13 at 14:00 hours

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Annual Meeting

AAID Focus on the Sinus 2.0

Days Left

Until Event



Location: Newport Beach, California

Date: April 19 - 21, 2018



2018 Western and Central District Meeting:

Focus on the Sinus 2.0


Learn from the pioneers and leading experts in sinus grafting and sinus lift treatment options. Observe a variety of alternative treatment options through live surgery broadcasts. Network with hundreds of colleagues, which enjoying the beauty and outstanding weather of Newport Beach, California. The Focus on the Sinus 2.0, intensive program, will include didactic lectures, three live surgery broadcasts and hands-on opportunities by renowned implant dentists from around the world. Learn more by browsing the schedule. All while earning up to 19.25 hours of implant-specific CE.

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Annual Meeting

ALD 25th Annual Conference and Exhibition

Days Left

Until Event

Location: Orlando, Florida

                   Caribe Royale All Suite Hotel

                   and Convention Center

Date: April 26-28, 2018



Celebrating Lasers, 25 Years and Beyond!


Once a year, the ALD hosts the premier international conference on laser dentistry. We bring

together everything that the leading laser dentistry professionals from around the globe need to improve

their knowledge, the quality of care they provide, and new ways to grow in their profession that they simply

can’t get anywhere else. Attendees will learn through a dynamic, enthusiastic short presentations about new procedures, techniques and products that

will assist them in the cutting-edge practice advancements in laser dentistry.



One of the Featured Speakers:



Robert J. Miller


May 2018


UCLA: Napa Implant Symposium

Days Left

Until Event



Location: Napa, California

Dates: May 18 - 19, 2018


UCLA: Napa Implant Symposium


The program will be held in the heart of California’s wine country: Napa Valley. Come join them for two half-day sessions, and spend the afternoon enjoying all that this beautiful area has to offer: world-class wineries, seven Michelin rated restaurants, and beautiful scenery.



Peter Moy, DMD

Todd Schoenbaum, DDS



Sam Alawie, MDT

Michael Block, DMD

Alessandro Pozzi, DDS, PhD

Sanjay Mallya, BDS, MDS, PhD


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September 2018

Annual Meeting




Days Left

Until Event

Enhanced Natural

Healing in Dentistry


Featured Drs:

Marc Quirynen

Nelson Pinto

Franck Renouard

Juan Blanco

Joao Caramês

Pierpaolo Cortellini

Mic Demanet

Mazen El-Abiad

Ivo Lambrichts

Antonio Sanz

Yannick Spaey

Paul Stone

Andy Temmerman

Pascal Valentini

Marcel Wainwright

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Date: September 7 - 9, 2018


Enhanced Natural Healing in Dentistry

Organized by Department Periodontology

Catholic University of Leuven


Three Day Program will include:


•  Benefits of L-PRF for ridge preservation &

    bone block grafting


•  Benefits of L-PRF for the regeneration of

    periodontal defects (soft and hard tissue)


•  L-PRF block for horizontal bone regeneration


•  Benefits of L-PRF for implant surgery

    (coating, sinus augmentation...)


•  Basic research on how L-PRF can enhance

    the healing


Annual Meeting

AAID 67th Annual Conference 2018

Days Left

Until Event



October 2018

Location: Dallas, Texas

Date: September 26 - 29, 2018



Practical Education for the

Practicing Implant Dentist ®


• Learn by doing at hands-on workshops


• Identify, treat, and avoid complications


• Picture patient treatment clearer through

  digital dentistry


• Experience the future of implant dentistry


New Trends Podium:

Wednesday at 9:30am: Nelson Pinto

“Enhancing Osseointegration & Tissue Regeneration with a Living Human Tissue Graft…a Ten Year Prospective Study”



SW12: Nelson Pinto

“A human living tissue graft to enhance osseointegration and tissue regeneration.”


W01: Robert J. Miller & Nelson Pinto

"The Synergistic Effect of L-PRF and Advanced Clinical Procedures: Enhancing Your Clinical Outcomes in Implant Surgery"


W12: Ziv Mazor

"State-of-the-Art with Sinus Augmentation"

Annual Meeting

EAO: Vienna 2018

Reducing Risk in Implant Dentistry

Days Left

Until Event



Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: October 11 - 13, 2018




European Association For Osseointegration

Reducing Risk in Implant Dentistry


Professor Dr. Marc Quirynen will be the Program Chairman of a discussion on Reducing Risks in Implant Dentistry. Speakers from Austria, Belgium, UK and The Netherlands will also present and participate in a panel discussion .


Dr. Marc Quirynen

This section is updated often. Please consult this page periodically for new listings.

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