Delivery & Placement


Drive-Lock technology enables the smooth, simple, uninterrupted delivery from sterile package to implant site without the need for a removable implant mount. Implant delivery and placement is accomplished with a single ergonomic motion, economy of instrumentation and without deformation of the external hex prosthetic interface.


Additionally, the tip of the Drive-Lock is a 1.3 mm hex driver, designed to carry the cover screw to the implant and thread it into place.


A special series of Contra-Angle Drive-Lock Drivers are engineered with a hex configuration on the shaft. This feature mates with W&H latch-type contra-angle hand-pieces. High moments of torque are transferred to this hex, instead of to the conventional latch connection. (reference designated with an “H”).




US Patent 7,131,840.

Other US and foreign patents associated with this system are also pending (Patent Pending).

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