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Intra-Lock® products are at the leading edge of the technological development of implant dentistry. OSSEAN® Surface, BLOSSOM® Implant design and advanced bio-materials make implant treatment more reliable and more precise. Digital Dentistry plays a key role as a partner in these technological improvements affecting implant treatment planning and restorative solutions.


Collaborating with strategic partners for the further advancement of digital dentistry has lead to alliances with Simplant, 3Shape, Planmeca, Sirona, 360Imaging, etc.  Intra-Lock® has shared it's digital implant system libraries with these companies to ensure digital scanning, case planning, surgical guide fabrication and prosthetic milling (both abutments and frameworks) can be preformed seamlessly with its's implant systems. It has also designed and manufactured CAD/CAM Abutments, Scan Bodies, Titanium Bases and Surgical Sleeves to facilitate ease of use and accuracy.


Intra-Lock dental implant systems’ library can be found in many CBCT dental implant planning softwares, such as:


     • Simplant®

     • Sirona’s Galileos®

     • Planmeca Romexis®

     • 3Shape Studio®

     • 360 Imaging®

     • Carestream 3D Imaging®

     • Invivo5®




The Titanium Base Kit for

Intra-Lock Implant Systems

Now, you can fabricate ceramic restorations with your Sirona® CEREC® milling system for all prosthetic tables of Intra-Lock Implant Systems:


InDex Implants

Gold & Blue Implants

EnvisionOs Implants

IntraHex Implants


Each package includes an IntraBase™ (Tibase), a Laboratory Retention Screw, and a Clinical Retention Screw in a non-sterile form. All parts are intended for single use only.


Individually manufactured mesostructures, provisional restoration or final dental restorations can be cemented onto the IntraBase. The cemented parts are screwed on the matching implant with the Clinical Abutment Retention Screw in the patient’s mouth and torqued to 30 Ncm.


The Scanbody (white or gray) purchased from Sirona is used only to scan intraorally or master model the 3D position of the implant for creating the design in the CEREC software of the sleeve or crown. The IntraBase is available in various versions, each of which is compatible with the specific diameter of each Intra-Lock implant system.

Scan Bodies



Precision + Accuracy =

Optimal Scanning Results

Intra-Lock® Scan Bodies are designed and manufactured to the same high standards and quality as the implant abutment connections, ensuring optimal scanning results.


Intra-lock® engineered for

   guaranteed compatibility


Screw included with all Scan Bodies


Implantable PEEK for safety

  and accuracy


No anti-glared spraying for

   convenience and savings


Available for all Intra-Lock Implants

  and Bridge Abutments


Cost effective and ease of use


Each Scan Body is individually machined from an implantable grade PEEK material for excellent compatibility and durability. This PEEK material does not require powder spraying on new generation scanners. Each Scan Body is prominently labeled to identify the implant prosthetic table or abutment interface. The dimensions of each Scan Body are designed to provide the ideal space for ease of scanning.

Custom Milled Abutments

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Precise Intra-Lock Titanium Blanks

Custom abutments provide an addition to stock abutment offerings by providing exacting, patient-specific contours that ensure optimal emergence profiles. Custom milled abutments also have the benefit of requiring little or no chair side modification and duplicate abutments can be fabricated later without changes to the existing abutment design.


One of the drawbacks of the process is the lack of abutment / implant interface accuracy. This can only be provided by the manufacturer of the implant and the abutment. Accuracy is critical in making certain the final assembly’s structure is strong and long-lasting.


Interface manufactured with 5 micron

   industrial CNC lathe precision


Close-tolerance interface provides

   consistent abutment-implant stability


Strong and long-lasting


Delivered with the corresponding

   Intra-Lock Clinical Retention Screw (HRS2)


The pre-milled interface is FDA cleared

 and milled at a FDA authorized facility.


Intra-Lock’s Titanium Alloy Blanks eliminate this drawback by combining the connection accuracy of a stock abutment... with the versatility and convenience of a custom abutment. Titanium Blanks have a tight tolerance machined titanium pre-milled interface that is 100% compatible with the respective implant platform for consistent and accurate results. They provide an unsurpassed accurate fit of five microns.



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