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Abstract: When atrophic jaws compromise oral rehabilitation with conventional implants, narrow-diameter implants can be used. This case report describes treatment of an edentulous 75-year-old diabetic woman with a severely resorbed mandibular ridge. Her mandibular dentition was restored with an overdenture supported by 3 narrow implants and 1 mini implant. Her maxillary dentition was restored with a conventional complete denture.


A 6-year clinical and radiographic follow-up confirmed that the narrow implants had provided effective stability for the overdenture, providing improvements in phonetics and masticatory ability at a low cost.


Key words: edentulous, narrow implant, overdenture

Narrow-implant–retained overdenture in an atrophic mandibular ridge: a case report with 6-year follow-up


General Dentistry November/December 2015 e 12-15


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