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This book will guide the reader through the step-by-step methodologies for full-arch reconstruction featuring Intra-Locks FlatOne® System. In addition to the rigidity of the framework and the perfectly passive fit, the FlatOne® System enables the creation of emergence profiles and esthetics that render this protocol vastly superior to "screwed-on dentures."


"New Frontiers in Immediate Loading" is thoroughly documented and exquisitely photographed. It takes the reader from the historical background of immediate loading thru the dynamics of diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical preparation, clinical and laboratory procedures, regeneration techniques, delivery of the prosthesis and case finalization. Of special note is the excellent documentation regarding the scientific basis for Intra-Locks surface treatments, macro architectures and prosthetic components.


Modern implantology has been, and, undoubtedly still is, a scientific catalyst, continually raising the bar for the levels of research and clinical success. For the past 40 years, this has enjoyed unprecedented attention in these fields. The development of new materials, surface treatments, micro and macro architectures and virtual treatment planning capabilities have made it possible to perform rehabilitations rapidly and with high success rates.


The Intra-Lock brand was created at the start of this new century, with this in mind. It was born of a determination to be at the forefront of these disciplines. The company's mission is to spearhead scientific research and to make its products available to professionals at "realistic" prices.

This is of particular relevance when viewed in the light of the fact that changes and continuous developments can disorient the clinician who, on a daily basis, is subjected to the pressure of new developments not always adequately supported by scientific research.


The Index will provide the reader with an overview of the topics discussed in this book.


1. Immediate Loading: Historical Background


2. Maxillary Anatomy: Aspects Related To Implant Surgery And Surgical Planning


3. New Developments In Immediate Loading: Characteristics of implants and prosthetic techniques


4. Full-arch restorations with flat abutments: clinical sample at two years


5. Guided bone regeneration


6. The posture-occlusion relationship and postural assessment in dental treatment


7. Implant prosthetics and temporomandibular disorders


8. Bruxism as a risk factor in implant prosthetics


9. Adverse Events

New Frontiers in Immediate Loading



This book will guide the reader through the step-by-step methodologies for full-arch reconstruction featuring Intra-Locks FlatOne® System.


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