Mini Drive-Lock (MDL®) is Intra-Lock’s one-piece small diameter dental implant. The system is ideal for long-term denture stabilization or fixed prosthetics. MDL® is a true ‘convertible’ implant with one-piece solid strength and two-piece versatility.


Patented* Cement-Over Abutments simply fit over the O-Ball Assembly and convert the implant from removable to fixed or orthodontic treatment options. The system’s unique Drive-Lock instruments reduce delivery and placement to one fluid motion. Once in place, Intra-Lock’s extremely hydrophilic, bio-active OSSEAN® Surface promotes rapid early healing and increased biomechanical fixation*.

Long Term Applications


Ossean® Surface Applied to

   Collar and Body


Cement-Over Abutments


Direct Delivery

MDL 15º Small Diameter Implant


MDL Angled Implants resolve restorative challenges sometimes encountered when placing small diameter implants in the maxillary anterior region. Often deficient ridge contours and/or alveolar resorption in these cases present pronounced bone angulation preventing the most esthetically acceptable restorative solution.


The MDL Angled Implant is engineered with a 15 degree prosthetic compensation. This facilitates the necessary angle adjustment while preserving the integrity of the O-ball, square and collar.


OSSEAN® Bioactive Surface

OSSEAN® Surface is characterized by its fractal* topography that extends beyond the nanoscale level. OSSEAN® has an extremely hydrophilic surface and is impregnated with Calcium Phosphate molecules that are incorporated into the surface structure at the molecular level. Due to this molecular impregnation, binding forces make the Calcium Phosphate exceptionally stable while preserving its bioactive properties.

Cellular Level - Enhanced

Osteoblast Attachment

BLOSSOM® Self-Tapping Technology

BLOSSOM, a patent pending cutting design, is incorporated in 2.5mm diameter MDL Implants. It enables the implant to cut through bone with the efficiency of a knife; minimizing bone compression and micro fracture. BLOSSOM allows for a lowered insertion torque while providing decreased micro movement*.

Cement-Over Titanium Abutment System

Cement-Over Abutments provide the clinician with an unsurpassed range of prosthetic options. They can be prepared extra-orally and simply fit over the O-Ball Assembly. Once cemented in place with resin cement, abutment and implant form one unit; resistant and strong as a one-piece. An Analog and Impression Coping complements the system.


A complete listing of cement-over abutments

can be found in the MDL catalog.

Mini Dental Implants (MDL)

Cement-Over Abutments

Drive-Lock Direct Delivery & Placement

Drive-Lock technology reduces delivery and placement to one fluid motion. Sterile vial - to surgical site - to full seating, all with incomparable ease, safety, precision and speed.

Space for O-Ring Vertical Resiliency

The design of the MDL 15º Angled Implant preserves the O-Ball assembly including the square post. This allows the O-Ring sufficient freedom of movement within the Micro Metal Housing reducing undesirable stresses on the implant.

Digital Dentistry for Small Diameter Implants

In an age of Digital Dentistry, clinicians now have the option of fabricating crowns for Small Diameter Implants utilizing Computer Assisted Designs (CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) with the introduction of Intra-Lock’s MDL® and MILO® Titanium Bases. The patented Cement Over Abutment System, featuring these bases, enables clinicians and dental laboratories using 3-Shape Dental System® or Exocad® software to fabricate highly esthetic crowns for their Intra-Lock Small Diameter Implant restorations.

Reflecting back over 40 plus years

of practice as an Oral Surgeon

Here are two clinical study's presented by

Drs. Antonio Sanz, et al. at the 2017 Academy of Osseointegration's Annual Meeting utilizing the MDL® Small Diameter Implant System.

by Antonio Sanz, et al.

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