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Background and objectives: Immediate implant placement can be considered a predictable protocol, even in esthetic areas. The objective of this study was to compare the clinical outcomes and the total costs of immediate and delayed restoration of implants with a specific design placed into fresh extraction sockets after 1 year from the implant placement.


Materials and Methods: Blossom implants (Ossean, Intra-lock, Boca-Raton, FL, USA) were used. In this prospective cohort study, marginal bone level, facial soft tissue, width of keratinized gingiva and papilla index were compared in both groups; correlations with pristine buccal bone thickness were also investigated.


Results: Marginal bone level records were different in the two groups, while no significant differences were registered in facial soft tissue and keratinized gingiva width. In the delayed group, a loss and reassessment of the papillary tissue was recorded at the time of restoration. The immediate restoration group seemed to show better results in terms of healing time and total costs.


Discussion and Conclusion: The immediate restoration protocol of immediately placed implant seemed to have the same efficiency as the delayed restoration, besides offering other clinical advantages.


Key Words: Bone resorption, dental implants, gingival recession, tooth socket.

Immediate versus delayed restorations for implants placed in fresh extraction sockets: a 1-year comparative cohort study



POSEIDO. 2013;1(3):165-75.


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