FlatOne® Abutment System:

Innovative Design in Full-Arch

Fixed Reconstruction

Full-arch Fixed Prosthesis, Not a Hybrid



Reduces Chair-side Time & Laboratory Costs


Case Time Condensed (to as little as 48 hours)

Developed over the years into a simple, yet predictable

procedure, thousands of patients have benefited from the FlatOne® treatment modality. The streamlined FlatOne®

System and Protocol enable both the dentist and the laboratory technician to work together in a highly efficient, closely coordinated manner.


In an age of instant gratification, dental patients demand not only beautiful teeth and excellent function, but also an

economic, definitive restoration as quickly as possible.


The FlatOne® Abutment System and Protocol is designed for full mouth rehabilitation with these criteria in mind. It reduces chair-side time, laboratory costs, and the time from surgery to function (to as little as 48 hours). The finished case is a full-arch fixed prosthesis… not a hybrid denture.


The heart of the system consists of a screw-retained metal framework which attaches to FlatOne® abutments. It provides for cross-arch stabilization. This framework enables the fabrication of a final restoration that is characterized by exceptional strength for long-term durability and resistance to acrylic fractures. It provides for outstanding esthetics.

Flat Occlusal Table

FlatOne® Abutments have a flat occlusal table. This flat surface mates precisely with the cylinders in the prosthetic framework ensuring that the load of the restoration is supported by a wide, flat platform. This provides greater strength to the prosthetic system in contrast to conventional two-piece abutments that rely on a retaining screw for support.


The FlatOne® System is specifically designed to eliminate the need for implant parallelism. The clinician can place implants in the most advantageous locations and positions (often ranging from six to twelve), where the amount/quality of bone is more suitable or where critical anatomy must be avoided.  As many implants as deemed appropriate can be placed with the assurance of a simultaneous, passive seating of the prosthesis.


Its strong metal framework also enables early delivery of the prosthesis. It acts as a surgical splint and provides stabilization for the implants, especially during the healing phase.

Restoration Supported by a Wide,

   Flat Platform


Eliminates the Need for Implant Parallelism


Does Not rely on a Retaining Screw for


Laboratory Efficiency

The FlatOne® Protocol enables the laboratory to fabricate and assemble the structural components of the prosthesis with extreme efficiency. This is also true for the functional and cosmetic aspects, which are fulfilled by composite teeth and any additions that are necessary to compensate for soft tissue defects.


This system incorporates all of the intrinsic characteristics of Intra-Lock® implants: OSSEAN® Bioactive Surface for predictable healing in the early treatment phase, a ferrule/ Morse Taper interface providing a virtually hermetic seal, implant architecture designed for lower compression and higher bone-to-implant-contact, and a final fixation screw with a proprietary surface ensuring ultimate compressive clamping forces secure the framework in place.

Teeth Emerge From the Soft Tissue


Incorporates Intrinsic Features of

   Intra-Lock® System

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